Sustainable home builders, Warrnambool

Want an eco-friendly and energy efficient home?

Going green doesn’t require radical design changes and it doesn’t have to cost big bucks.  In fact, including green living elements will make a significant difference to the comfort of your home, reducing running costs and adding real long term value to your property.

Lake Built Homes are the accredited Housing Industry Association Green Smart and Master Builders Association Green Living Builders for Warrnambool. This ensures we are up to date with the latest advances in this area of construction, and comply with the current legislation requiring that all new homes are constructed to meet a 6 star energy rating.

Our house builders are trained in sustainable building practices and can include the following green living options when designing and constructing a custom built home:

  • correct design for climate and location
  • thermal performance
  • passive solar design and natural ventilation
  • sustainable building practices
  • water and energy efficient appliances
  • energy efficient lighting
  • correct use of thermal mass.

No matter whether our builders are creating new designer homes or undertaking home renovations, we can provide the latest in energy efficient technologies with advanced design techniques. Our partner building suppliers provide the latest products backed by research.

Please contact Lake Built Homes to find out more about the advantages and cost savings of solar orientation, material usage and sustainable design.